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8 Reasons Why To Hire Paint Professionals

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

“Hey Google, how do I paint my home?”

The task of painting your home (yes, it is a task) can and will become tedious; no matter how much patience or skill you possess. It does not matter if the goal of your project is to paint the interior or exterior; the question remains the same. Do you have the time, skill set, and experience to make your home look like that board you have on Pinterest?

Fortunately, our professional painters at Kingdom Contracting have the ability to bring your vision to life, and they will do it in half the time! 

Painting isn’t the care-free job that one might think. Here are eight reasons why it is important to partner with our professional painters:

1. Time

We touched on this point a bit above, but it remains one of the most important. You have to consider more than just the time it takes you to actually paint. There is the additional time it takes to purchase supplies, set up framework/tools, prep the work space, and then clean up in an acceptable manner. You have to also keep in mind that there might be a few bumps in the road along the way, which only adds more time!

When you partner with our professionals, they do the hard work for you and you can spend your time doing things you truly enjoy! 

2. Insurance

Working with the Pros not only allows you to do the things that you enjoy, but they also provide you with the assurance through insurance that if anything does go wrong, things will be taken care of.

Here at Kingdom Contracting we are fully insured!

3. Quality Results

There are many “painters” out there. Anyone can start slapping paint on a wall and call it a paint job. But when you work with professionals you get evenly painted surfaces, the proper type of paint, and no drips to baseboards or carpets.

 “Amateur Painters” provide you with a covered surface; our painting professionals provide you with quality that lasts!

4. Well Equipped

Okay, so stay with me here. Say it was time to repaint your home. It desperately needed a fresh new coat and you felt as though you could easily get the job done. However, it is your first time doing a painting project, much less one of this size, and you don't have the proper tools! So now, you must figure out all of the equipment and materials you need, then you have to go and purchase them.

Wow, that sounds like a hassle to us!

But when you partner with our professional painters they are already equipped with professional grade painting equipment, the knowledge to make quick and efficient decisions, and the skill to give you the best finish.

5. Efficiency

Keep in mind that our professionals work 40 hours a week and do the same exact thing everyday. They have perfected their system! They have the ability to get in, complete the job, and get out as fast as they can while still giving you quality work!

What would be a full day project for the average person, might take one of our professionals just a few hours!

6. Painting Suggestions

Instead of trying to ask Google, or helplessly staring at the hundreds of paint samples on the shelves of the home improvement store, our Project Managers can help guide you through the process of picking the perfect paint for your project! They are equipped with an extensive education on which paint is appropriate for each surface.

7. Project Managers

At Kingdom Contracting, we have Project Managers that oversee and check-in with our paint professionals to ensure the standard of quality is maintained throughout the entire job.

They are trained to see even the tiniest of details and provide another level of assurance to our clients so that nothing will be overlooked! They are also available to be contacted at any time with concerns or questions.

8. Warranty

All of our painting services come with a three year warranty! It is our mission to deliver quality every time. But, sometimes things will go wrong; it's inevitable! Whether it be paint that peels after a year in the sun or your walls become splotchy, we’ve got you covered.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we are willing to do the work it takes to earn it!

Professional Painters

So, at the end of the day, our professional painters will save you effort, time, and many potential painting frustrations. Here at Kingdom Contracting, we would love to partner with you on your next interior/exterior painting job for your residential/commercial buildings!

Call us today for a free estimate (972) 316-7651. We cannot wait to work with you!

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